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LIFELONG TOTTENHAM FAN HARRY HARRIS has spent most of his career in and around White Hart Lane, starting as a reporter on the Tottenham Weekly Herald before graduating to become one of the country's foremost football journalists who had the ear of then chairman Alan Sugar during Tottenham's nadir in the 1990s.

As a cub reporter Harry met legendary Tottenham boss Bill Nicholson, forming a friendship that would lead him to write the Yorkshireman's autobiography after his retirement, Harry has also penned fi ve books on current Spurs manager Jose Mourinho during his meteoric rise to fame at Chelsea and beyond.

In his desire to chase a story Harry has raced a Spurs boss around the White Hart Lane cinder track, helped in the dismissal of another following a Daily Mirror exclusive and can count many who have occupied the Spurs hot seat among his closest friends in the game.
From Bill Nicholson to Jose Mourinho, Harry has met them all and refl ects here on the fall and rise of his beloved Spurs.


HARRY HARRIS is a double winner of the British Sports Journalist of the Year award, who has successfully investigated football corruption, including producing dossiers on two former England managers. Harry was presented with the British Variety Club of Great Britain Silver Heart for “Contribution to Sports Journalism”, is a double winner of the Sports Story of the Year award, the only journalist to win the Sports Story of the year accolade twice. He has a total of 24 industry awards, a number related to his investigations into the murkier side of the Beautiful Game.

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