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There are a hundred billion stars in the galaxy and there are a hundred billion cells in our brain.

Tap into the part of your brain we hardly ever use.

Earth Psychology Healing Therapy or “EPHT” is a unique combination of Eastern healing traditions and vibration energy that helps to rejuvenate and heal most physical and emotional issues instantly.

You can experience miraculous change by using this system and the most advanced software your brain will ever need. Illnesses could be prevented or cured with instant effect by using the simple techniques within this book.

What will happen when you learn these hidden secrets?

Many people are held back by fear to the extent that they close the door on their dreams... but what would you do if you knew you could not fail? And that it was OK to fail and to know you have to fail to succeed?

Just how much success can you stand?
Are you willing to go that extra mile?

You already have everything inside you to be genius.


Helen Kelly is an extraordinarily gifted Clinical Hypnotist and Energy Field Therapist to the rich and famous. She shares with you some of the most closely guarded health secrets in eastern traditions that have hardly ever been noticed or recognized by western society.


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Foreword by George Best - Introduction by Alex Best
Published: 1st November 2010 - 400pp - 50 photographs

Manchester in the late 1960s and early 1970s revolved around the exploits of one man - George Best. At his side throughout this exciting period was his best friend and confidante Malcolm Wagner (or Waggy as he is universally known). Now for the first time Waggy sets the record straight on George’s exploits during a period when he was the most recognisable face in the world.

George Best’s playboy lifestyle was tabloid fodder for years but what was the true nature of Bestie? Why did he go AWOL so often during his career at Manchester United and what drove him to destroy a football career that reached a pinnacle in 1968 when he was named the best player in the world?

Waggy is in the best position to know because he was there throughout this exciting period and saw another side to George - the shy lad from Belfast who had talent and looks that turned him into a sensation both on and off the pitch.

Waggy reveals the full story behind George’s sensational retirement at the age of 26, when the pair fled to Majorca, describes how they evaded the Mafia by holing up on a Hollywood producer’s ranch and opened Slack Alice nightclub when their favourite discotheque closed down.

At its centre ‘George Best and Me’ is the tale of two lads with the world at their feet in an era when anything seemed possible.


MALCOLM WAGNER has been a pop star, nightclub owner, hairdresser to the stars, international playboy, publican, restrauteur, hotelier, inventor, pilot, husband and office boy during an action-packed life.

As lead singer of early sixties pop group ‘The Whirlwinds’, alongside future 10cc front man Graham Gouldman, Malcolm played on the burgeoning northern club circuit at legendary venues such as the Devonshire Sporting Club and Bernard Manning’s ‘World Famous Embassy’.

Following the success of his Village Barber hairdressing business and his continued globe-trotting, Malcolm opened Slack Alice nightclub in 1973 with George Best and business partner Colin Burne. Later, Malcolm expanded into the restaurant trade, opening Oscars on the site of the old Waldorf Hotel before going on to run Mr Thomas’s Chop House, another famous Manchester institution. Along the way, Waggy also hit upon an idea for an ice dispenser, the invention of which took him years to complete before he bought The Grants Arms Hotel in Ramsbottom in the early 1990s.

Now retired, 'Waggy' looks back on an eventful life that has seen him befriend the good, the bad and the ugly of Manchester society, and emerge as a friend to most.


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Grafting For England"
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Tony Sullivan

The early 1980s was a golden age for football hooliganism and shoplifting in Europe. With security forces on the continent yet to fully realise the extent of the English Disease and security relaxed in even the most expensive shops. The continent was ripe for pillage and Sully was one of many to take full advantage - funding his trips following the national team with ill-gotten gains.

As a member of Manchester City's notorious Mayne Line Service Crew he was accustomed to far stricter security in England. Using the cover of fellow England fans Tony reveals the secrets of his success in ' Grafting for England' the follow-up to 'Sully - the football thug who didn't give a fuck' published by Empire last year.

As Tony makes clear, the football wars in England didn't necessarily stop when hooligans from all over the country got together to follow the national side. Fights would regularly be sparked off between different factions supporting the Three Lions and even a trip to Wembley could catch unsuspecting patriots unawares.

Sully has followed England over most of the continent for the best part of 30 years - from the notorious 1980 European Championship where the England team were forced to play through a cloud of tear gas, to the slaughter of the innocents in Rome in the late 90s, where Italian scooter boys slashed anyone looking remotely English. The hairiest moments though are reserved for trips into the former Soviet Bloc with the Poles, in particular, lending a unique lunacy to trips to Chorzow and Warsaw.

In between Sully recalls his frequent inactive periods at Her Majesty's Pleasure including his involvement in the notorious Strangeways Riot and the demise of his grafting career abroad following the confiscation of his passport. Of course, it being Sully, comedy is never far away particularly when lads' trips to Greece and Portugal don't go quite as planned


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The essential Smiths Tour - NEW & UPDATED - by Phill Gatenby

ISBN: 1901746569 - RRP £8.95 - INCLUDES FREE TOUR MAP

‘If you’re a Smiths fanatic your memorabilia will hardly be complete without this.’
Manchester Evening News

‘Gatenby’s book is much more than a mere guide. It’s sometimes an archaeological expedition to find the lost soul of a city that’s been creatively and politically mutilated by the rise of the new corporate metropolis.’
Manchester Civic Society

‘‘Don’t get on the plane without it.’

Lyrically unique, Morrissey saw post-industrial Manchester differently. Where most recognised the derelict remains of a Victorian powerhouse, he saw humour, where others saw post-industrial squalor, he felt the frisson of romance. As a result Manchester became as much a part of The Smiths' output as the guitars, drums and vocals. As their fame grew, strangers in far-away lands wondered about the location of the ‘Cemetry Gates’ or the setting of ‘Vicar in a Tutu’ .

Unusually, these places still exist and provide the devotee with places of pilgrimage - could Manchester offer anything else?

In the first edition of this guidebook, Phill Gatenby set out three tours covering 20 or more sites that either featured in The Smiths music or were fundamental to their development as a band - from early rehearsal spaces to the scene of their most memorable gigs. Now updated, Morrissey’s Manchester has added new places to visit, more lyrical references and more background information on one of the world's most influential bands.

However the most fundamental change any reader/visitor will notice are the continual changes to Manchester itself - a city in perpetual flux. Since the first edition venues have either been demolished, refurbished or shorn of their identity - hence the need for an update. Now containing 40 new images, an improved layout, a revised map of the city centre, Morrissey's Manchester has been fully updated.


ISBN: 1901746542

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In “Memories...”veteran Manchester Evening News columnist Paul Hince looks back at a remarkable career that reached the highest levels in the ultra-competitive fields of football and journalism.

After retiring from the game he then worked his way up to the heights of Manchester Evening News Manchester City correspondent and, later, became that paper’s first and only ‘Chief Sportswriter’.

“Memories...” is a humourous yet poignant review of a remarkable career from one of the finest sportswriters of his generation. More..


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ISBN 1901746534


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Anthony Sullivan

FOR ALMOST 25 YEARS, Tony Sullivan has been a member of some of the most violent gangs following Manchester City. He has also toured Britain and Europe as a professional 'grafter'.

Sullivan ran with the Mayne Line Motorway Service Crew in the early 80s. Here he details how they gained a fearsome reputation nationwide. From St James' Park to Upton Park, the Mayne Line ruled British football, the most fearsome football mob during, hooliganism's 'Golden Age'.

Now, with his hooligan career at a close, ‘Sully’ looks back on this violent era and relives the good hidings handed out and the kickings received. He also details some of the stunts he and his mates pulled - using the cover of his fellow fans to 'earn' a living in an era before extensive CCTV surveillance, often with unexpected results.

Along the way he contrasts the exploits of the various supporters groups he encountered - the scouser's well known propensity for using a blade, the United supporter's unwillingness to take part in a fight unless they were certain to win it and the craziness of a typical away day in Newcastle city centre in the early eighties.

Later, as police cracked down on hoolganism, many left the scene and the Mayne Line disbanded. Still Sully carried on regardless, the violence and buzz still a 'drug'. Unfortunately, several custodial sentences curtailed his career including, in 1991, an incidental involvement in the Strangeways Riot and its aftermath.

The 1990s also saw a slew of hooligan memoirs hit the nation's bookshelves, often written by people with tenuous connections to the incidents described. Others sought to celebrate hooligan culture as somekind of weekly fashion parade. Sully has little time for either as he explains:

“Over the years I have been beaten, stabbed, had bottles
cracked on my head and had lads threatening to come round
my gaff - but you wont hear me complain.This book is a true account
of those years,devoid of sensational bullshit.”



‘A quirky look at the world of the quizmaster... excellent example questions.’

‘Excellent advice on the way it should be done. If only all quizmasters read this first.’

‘‘The sample questions are excellent, the light-hearted tone a joy.’

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by John Dawson

In Quiz Setting Made Easy, John Dawson explores the very essence of human existence. In his case the answer to the ancient philosophical conundrum ‘What sets humans apart from the animal kingdom?’ is straightforward. It is not the ability to form tools, communicate or feel empathy with our fellow planet dwellers but our desire to acquire (and retain) as much trivia as possible. In brief, this is his explanation for modern Britain’s obsession with the pub quiz and the consequent growth in the number of question and answer books, many of which have been published under the misapprehension that all a budding quiz setter needs to succeed is a large enough selection of questions that can be adapted according to circumstance.

Yet, as Quiz Setting Made Easy makes clear, there are many pitfalls for the budding Magnus Magnusson, not least the murmurs of complaint from contestants attempting to answer vaguelyworded and poorly researched questions. Then there are the potential disasters and the nagging doubts that bring the quiz setter out in a cold sweat in the middle of the night: Does the venue have a PA system? How do I make sure people turn up? What happens in the event of a tie? Who marks the questions, them or me?


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