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ISBN: 9781901746631

RRP: £8.95



A novel by Karen Woods

“Sex, violence and fractured relationships, a kitchen sink drama
that needs to be told and a fresh voice to tell it.”

Terry Christian

When rebellious teenager Misty Sullivan falls pregnant to a local wannabe gangster, she soon becomes a prisoner in her own home. Despite the betrayal of her best friend, she eventually recovers her self-belief and plots revenge on her abusive boyfriend with spectacular consequences.

This gripping tale sees the impressive debut of Karen Woods in the first of a series of novels based on characters living on a Manchester council estate. Themes of social deprivation, self-empowerment, lust, greed and envy come to the fore in this authentic tale of modern life.


Mother of four Karen Woods uses her experiences of growing up on a Manchester council estate in her debut novel. Having left school with no qualifications and seen her parents split-up, she spent her formative years raising children and suffering domestic abuse.

However a job with Manchester City Council led to a literacy course and, eventually, the desire to write a novel. "There are four things I want people to do when they read this book", says Karen, "laugh, cry, think and change their lives for the better".

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