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A Manchester United Fan's Distorted View of the World

By David Blatt

For any normal individual, a round the world trip of a lifetime would mean abandoning all thoughts of everyday life and embracing a jetset lifestyle. Not so David Blatt. While his long-suffering wife Hélène embarked upon a 90,000 mile global odyssey with thoughts of ticking-off as many of the world's wonders as possible, David felt the magnetic pull of the other love of his life, Manchester United, and the prospect of a whole year without watching Eric's Disciples on Earth.

As David proves in The Red Eye, it is now possible to watch the world's most famous club from almost any part of the globe, with the honourable exception of the Galapagos Islands. From India to Brazil via most points in between, he catches The Reds on dodgy internet streams, at the back of beachside cafes, in restaurants, Aussie pubs and overcrowded hostel reception areas, while Hélène plans the next day's breathtaking trip to the likes of the Taj Mahal or Machu Picchu.

What emerges is a sharply humorous and insightful account of a trip across four continents with the protagonists often at odds over the purpose of the day:
Magnificent Utopia or Manchester United...
No contest!


David Blatt is a TEFL teacher whose frst book, 'Manchester United Ruined My Wife' sold over 10,000 copies. After selling his home David now lives in Ibiza with his wife Helene and his pop star daughter Melanie (formerly of All Saints).

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