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Morrissey is a cult.

But what drives fans' devotion? What makes them trek halfway round the world to catch his shows in the US or South America when he is playing in their city a few months later? Why do they fight over pieces of his shirt, thrown each night into the crowd?

Is this healthy? Should they seek help? Is Moz messianic or does he calculatedly whip the mob into a frenzy to maintain his status? And what of Morrissey's own adolescence and his obsessions with 50s rock 'n' rollers and stars such as Bowie and Patti Smith?

Morrissey devotee (and proud owner of an intact Moz shirt) Matt Jacobson examines his own obssession and that of his fellow fans to discover the lengths some will go to, to catch sight of their demi-god.


MATTHEW JACOBSON is a devoted foot soldier in the MozArmy, that dedicated legion of followers who treat each Morrissey show as a quasi-religious experience. Like most Morrissey fans, Matthew’s life was changed for good when he first listened to The Smiths.

A Business Connector - living in Aigburth, Liverpool - not far from the childhood homes of Lennon and McCartney, Matthew looks towards the sky surrounding the Salford Lads Club for inspiration.He has travelled the world to watch his hero and appeared on a BBC feature film regarding Smiths/Morrissey fans (including discussing Moz on the BBC breakfast couch), BBC Manchester Radio and a BBC1 North West feature – for the Peoples’ History of Pop.

On each, he expressed his love for Morrissey and his treasured item - Morrissey’s shirt. Matthew then received much communication from MozArmy friends and from there – he built this book with cherished “Pieces of Morrissey”.

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