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by David Hardy


"David’s works contemplate modern life in this millennium. Muses on contemporary society and vapid selfie culture, such as the media, “Tabloid Press”, technology, “AI”, and life’s unspoken experiences, “Untimely Erection”, with sensitivity and a touch of irreverent humour. Homage is paid to pop culture, “The Ballad of Nico”, “Joe Strummer”, and British comedies, “British Comedy Films”, with historical accuracy.
If the thought of reading poetry sounds dull and stodgy, this collection is not your Grandpa’s poetry."

Chyrisse Tabone, Editor. Rock At Night magazine.

“David's poetry flies between the black and the white, the tastefully mundane and the disturbingly honest; gloriously light and feverishly introspective. Up and down, outlandish and reclusive. But forever honest, forever true."

Mick Middles, Music writer


David Hardy’s early literary endeavours comprised writing poems for friends and recording daily happenings and flights of the imagination. Covering a broad range of subjects, his work is infused with humour and pathos, light and dark. An occasional contributor to the American Music Magazine, Rock at Night, David is currently building up a following on the open mic circuit in Greater Manchester. He lives in Marple, Cheshire, and he enjoys both community activities and ‘soaking up’ the solitude in the Peak District.



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