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"Laced with plenty of Manc humour... this is
not for the good and great, more for the bad and mad."

"With blistering Mancunian humour, Blaney explains everything
from the sneak thieving and the women to the drugs,
the jails and the mayhem... Amazing memories!"
IAN HOUGH, author of Perry Boys

GRAFTERS: MANCS ABROAD is the tale of Manc lads who lived high on the hog for a couple of decades across Europe robbing the natives blind. Like all rollercoaster rides, they knew it couldn't last - this is the tale of how they survived when so many others didn't make it...

MARK BLANEY followed in the footsteps of his brother Colin when he realised he wasn't cut out for work of any kind. By the 80s Mark had joined his brother on Interpol's most wanted list as a prolific sneak thief, part of a gang that would regularly turnover thousands of pounds worth of jewellery a week.

STUART CAMPBELL was a different kind of grafter. A smart confidence trickster, a smooth talker, a visible presence with an eye for the ladies - he preferred to stand out rather than blend in. This contrasting approach made him perfect for jobs requiring a legitimate front man or someone who wouldn't look out of place in an upmarket clothes shop or a bank.

The lads blazed a trail through Europe, on a well worn route from Amsterdam, down through Germany and Switzerland and on into Spain for a well earned holiday. It was a party that looked like it would ever end...

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