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Malcolm Norcliffe Jones was born and brought up in the village of Heald Green, Cheshire, during the Second World War. After his primary and secondary education he entered the University of Manchester as a Chemistry undergraduate in 1956.

After graduation he began his research career in Polymer Science, obtaining his PhD in 1962 after being appointed to the staff of the Physical Chemistry Department at Manchester in 1961 as an assistant lecturer. He continued research work at the University of Southern California returning to Manchester as a lecturer in Physical Chemistry until 1970 when he took up the position of Senior Lecturer in the relatively newly formed Department of Biological Chemistry. He became a Reader in Physical Biochemistry in 1981.

His research work covered a relatively wide field from Polymer Science, Thermodynamics, Biological Membrane Structure and Function and finally Model Membrane Systems for use in the delivery of bactericides to oral bacteria. He has collaborated with industry and other research establishments and with Spanish scientists at the Universities of Santiago de Compostela and Madrid. He has authored several books and numerous research papers. On retirement in 2001 he was awarded a medal by the University of Santiago.

In retirement he pursued his interest in genealogy with contributions to The Manchester Genealogist, the journal of the Manchester and Lancashire family History Society. He lives in Sale with his wife Janet who is also a Chemistry graduate of Manchester University. They married in 1962 and have two married daughters.

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