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A novel by Karen Woods

"Manchester's answer to Martina Cole"

With the evil Gordon locked up in Strangeways, the characters from Karen Woods debut novel 'Broken Youth' come to terms with life without him.

Misty, now married to Dominic, gives birth to Gordon's child, Charlotte - the result of a rape. Her former best friend Francesca also gives birth to one of Gordon's children, Rico, while staying with Gordon's heroin addicted brother Tom.

As the clock ticks down on his sentence, Gordon broods on the injustice of his situation and plots sweet revenge on those on the outside

This is Karen's second and final installment following the success of 'Broken Youth'.



Mother of four Karen Woods uses her experiences of growing up on a Manchester council estate in her writing. Having left school with no qualifications, Karen spent her formative years raising children and suffering domestic abuse. However a job with Manchester City Council led to a literacy course and, eventually, the desire to write a novel.

Since writing ‘Broken Youth’ Karen has been an inspiration to anyone who has lived on a council estate. Her debut novel was voted number 1 on Waterstone’s Readers reviews in April 2010.

Since then Karen has started “The Laughing Ladies Show” with her friend Julie Kernaghan on 106.6 FM in North Manchester and two local bands (Rainband and Northern Icon) have recorded tracks inspired by Karen’s first novel.

Karen is now working on her third novel “Northern Girls Love Gravy”.

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