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Musical snobbery has been around since Mozart was appalling audiences in the eighteenth century but now, with most music available to listen to for free on Spotify or YouTube, there really is no excuse to not give an artist another listen, even if you have foresworn them for most of your adult life or never even heard of them.

Music obssessive Ian Moss has written over 100 dense and amusing mini-essays on a selection of some of the uncoolest (but musically superb) records ever released. From famous albums which have since become uncool such as Sgt. Peppers to unhip bands such as Status Quo and Queen who were deemed uncool at some point in the past. Then there are the unfavoured folk, soul and jazz artists who were criminally overlooked and the downright obscure bands who put out superb records only to disappear without trace.

Ian’s amusing and fact-drenched book is a must for anyone in need of new sounds to spice up their listening pleasure!


In a city that has had more than its fair share of musical heroes, who have achieved both national and international recognition, Ian Moss remains a less well-known but steadfast figure in the Manchester musical underground. As one of the handful of people who were actually at the first Sex Pistols gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester in 1976, and the co-creator of the legendary band Hamsters, that John Peel described as being too “dark and dangerous” to appear on his show, Ian has often found himself at the cusp of key events in the evolution of music in the city.

As the vocalist and lyricist of bands like Stepbrothers, Sicknurse, Kill Pretty, and currently, Four Candles, Ian has realised his own musical vision. But he has also created opportunities and spaces for other bands and artists as the founder and co-owner of the German Shepherd Record label which for the last five years has released unique and ground-breaking music to great critical acclaim.

This book reflects a man who loves music and wants to share it. It also reflects the personality of someone who has spent his life championing music that most people don’t get to hear. In a world where access to music is easier than it has ever been, and where vast choices are available, Moss is uniquely positioned as a commentator on those things you might have missed. 

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