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Local author and journalist Colin Blaney has spent the past decade or so interviewing personalities from Manchester and Salford. Famous as the author of 'Grafters', the best-selling true crime hit which told the tale of his years as the leader of a gang of thieves who operated throughout Europe during the 70s and 80s, Colin could be described as a maverick himself; that is, someone untamed by the need to conform to the nine-to-five lifestyle or someone who has made an impact on the city in his or her own unique way. His interest in these kindred spirits led him to interview some famous and not so famous people who have had an impact on the cultural, sporting and political life of Manchester.

Among them are writers, fashion designers, musicians, teddy boys, former punks, novelists, rock stars, decorated sporting heroes and petty thieves; there are characters as diverse as a barmaid from the famous Tommy Ducks pub to the man who became the face of the Strangeways riot; a legendary boxing coach and the man behind some of sports most famous hoaxes. Some of them are no longer with us while others played a small but vital role in the city and displayed the Mancunian spirit described by one as 'not kow-towing to anyone'. Some are Mancs by birth others have been welcomed with open arms by a city well known as a magnet for immigrants from all four corners of the globe.


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