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"With his typically deadpan and lovingly cynical views on British life and the unsuspecting general public, Rob’s sense of humour and charming grotesques are well worth your time" CATONTHEWALL.NET

If you ever see a man sketching unsuspecting members of the public it might well be cartoonist Rob Martin. An acute observer of British life, Rob has travelled the length and breadth of Britain capturing recognisable characters in bizarre, every day circumstances. What emerges is a land peopled by angry pensioners, everyone texting and massively obese

Rob has selected 160 of his favourite drawings to capture Britain at a time of tedium, crisis and incredulity.


Rob Martin started drawing at the age of 3. At 8, he made his first animated film on a little Super 8mm camera. He became a nationally renowned cartoonist in England in the 1990's. He produced and directed puppet T.V. shows called 'Lob Stories', for a cable channel in Yorkshire, England (1997). After that, Rob went on to create and direct the animated short film for the cinema, 'Saving Ginger's Privates' (2003). It won two International film awards. One for best direction, the other award for homegrown talent. He has developed T.V. shows for the prestigous animation company 'Cosgrove Hall' as well as creating story ideas for the bizarre World of 'Frank Sidebottom'.

Rob has over 20 years experience in television. Building props, writing, animating and even acting. He even created visuals for a Bollywood stage show for Wembley and Manchester arena, which was a sell out concert.

His work is now admired by some of the best (and nicest) animation people around the World.

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