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“Gomez is not the first quality fighter to have troubles outside the ring... the lows, the disasters, the shocks and all the great nights make his story so captivating. It could be a bad fairy tale, if only it Wasn't so crazy and unbelievable.”


Michael Gomez was a talented featherweight with the world at his feet but his meteoric rise through the world rankings was derailed by his activities outside the ring.

Yet he was lucky to be alive at all; born in a car crash into a penniless Irish traveller family, every day was a fight for survival. Then, when he discovered an aptitude for boxing as a child, he was soon knocking out older lads to pay for his dad's booze. Later, on arrival in Manchester, his family became notorious thieves, buying and selling to survive in a city soon in the grip of gang violence.

A fateful encounter with legendary boxing coach Brian Hughes proved a turning point; soon Gomez was knocking out opponents for a living and earning enough to buy his family a home. Yet old habits died hard; as the purses got bigger and his reputation grew, the temptations of Manchester nightlife proved impossible to turn down...

If his life had been fictionalised, people would believe it far-fetched; he was charged (and later acquitted) of murder, spent 48 seconds clinically dead after being stabbed, attempted suicide and saw his long-suffering wife Alison finally give up the ghost and leave him. Perhaps the question should be how he is still here at all...

Acclaimed sports writer John Ludden has brought to vivid life Gomez's dramatic life and ghost written one of the most compelling stories in British sporting history.


John Ludden is an acclaimed author from Manchester. He has written over twenty books and his work has been translated into several different languages. His cult classic 'Maradona: Once Upon a Time in Naples' is currently the basis for a forthcoming documentary film by Oscar-winning 'Senna' director Asif Kapadia due for general cinematic release in 2018.

A Manchester United fan, John’s work has chronicled the history of his club with the highly acclaimed 'A Tale of Two Cities' and 'From the Stars'. John has also written a series of well-received novels and factual works, these include the intriguing Quality gangster series mixing fact with fiction that take in the Manchester crime scene from the 60s onwards.

John worked closely with Michael Gomez for five months on his autobiography. They forged a close bond and Michael left no stone unturned. He hopes this will be the first of many similar autobiographical projects.

All pre-orders will be signed by Michael Gomez.

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