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ISBN 1 901 746 283

Morrissey's Manchester

The essential Smiths Tour
by Phill Gatenby
Foreword by Mick Middles

ISBN: 1901746283

£5.99 - Includes free tour map
Published: May 2002

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'Morrissey's Manchester - the essential Smiths tour' is a guide book for fans of one of the greatest groups of the 1980s. This guide takes readers to the places Morrissey wrote about or which formed an influential part of the group's history, such as concert venues, meeting places and sites captured on film. Indeed a tour of Smiths and Morrissey related places, is also a tour of Mancunian history. The two literally go ‘hand in glove', as you will discover whilst reading about Manchester's past and the life of the band.

Has any other band been so inspired by their hometown as much as The Smiths? It's as if they could never have been formed anywhere else in the world. The decaying Manchester of the late 1970s and early 80s shaped the band which is why they provided the soundtrack to so many thousands of lives growing up not only in Manchester, but throughout the world.
Since then of course Manchester has changed considerably, nonetheless the Smiths part in that revival is often overlooked. Manchester's part in the cultural revolution of the late 1980s proceeded The Smiths starring role in a city which has continued to produce world class music time after time.
These tours allow dedicated fans to visit the sights and sounds that inspired Morrissey's writing - however they also offer the casual tourist a cheap day out at points of interest and history in the city. We hope to expand this series further over the coming months and hope you enjoy a taste of Manchester's musical heritage.

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