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By David Menon - A DCI Sara Hoyland Mystery


Paul Foster is a social worker trying to make a difference. But what links him to an aristocratic Nazi sympathiser accused of harbouring a war criminal? And what has happened to his soldier boyfriend Jake over in Afghanistan? In this, the first DCI Sara Hoyland mystery, the intrepid detective with a murky past enters a long-forgotten world of political intrigue. Long-held grudges and several families' secrets re-surface to further muddy the waters.

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DAVID MENON was born and brought up in Derbyshire but has lived all over the UK and now divides his time between Paris, where his partner lives, and the northwest of England.

He left his 24-year career at British Airways to become a writer and he also works on and off for the Labour party as well as teaching English to foreign students.

In the Sara Hoyland series he has developed a set of characters who investigate remarkable crimes with political undertones. The next in the series 'Storms' will be published in 2014.




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