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A Tale of Football Obsession
by Andy Pacino
Foreword by Sir Alex Ferguson


"You know who your friends are when the room goes dark and everybody leaves. When the light comes on and you look around, your friends are the ones still there with you." SIR ALEX FERGUSON

Manchester United fans owe a great deal to Sir Alex Ferguson. The Manchester United manager is one of the most respected and successful characters in British sport today but were it not for the likes of Andy Pacino and his brothers Rod and Gary, he may have been lost to United before he had a chance to weave his managerial magic. In 1989, when United faced relegation, a takeover bid and the manager lived with the constant threat of the sack, there were few United fans who offered their manager moral support. The 'Ferguson out' brigade were prominent, while the press regarded the Scot's tenure as merely temporary. Rod, Gary and Andy were the few who supported the manager, believing in him despite the doubters. In 'Sir Alex, United and Me' the author examines the relationship between his brothers, the club they remain devoted to and the mastermind of United's success throughout the past decade.

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