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Darren Phillips
Published December 2009

Eric Cantona’s career at Old Trafford lasted only 5 years but its lasting impact can still be felt today. During that comparatively small span, Cantona’s dedication and self-confidence enabled a club to emerge from over a quarter of a century of failure and self-doubt. Cantona’s career before he arrived in England had been nomadic at best, self-destructive at worst.
Yet few could have anticipated the quality that would shine through following his arrival at Old Trafford. For 26 years Manchester United fans had suffered under the jack boot of Liverpool’s domination of European and domestic trophies. Cowed into submission, their fans tended to hope for the best but feared the worst, even 6 seasons of relative success under Ferguson hadn’t changed that mindset. Cantona’s fearless attitude transformed the club, almost in an instant. Never has a football club been so altered from one day to the next by one signing. Never has a club gone from ‘nearly men’ to ‘champions’ at the stroke of a pen.
All of a sudden, the boot was on the other foot and remains so to this day. over 10 years since Eric last kicked a ball in anger. The Complete Eric Cantona details every game Eric played for Manchester United, Leeds United and the French national team as well as potted summaries of his career in France. Darren Phillips, author of The Complete George Best, has painstakingly researched his remarkable career in France, England and in the French national team. The Complete Eric Cantona can be read either as a work of reference or a detailed insight into a career that altered the dynamics within English football for good.

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