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By Dingo Smart

ISBN:1901746 95X - 9781901746952
£10.95 - Softback - 238 pp
Published: 1st July 2012

"An Olympic Voyage of Self-Discovery"
"Hilarious and Inspiring - Bryson meets Clarkson"

Sub-editor Dingo Smart is stuck in a dead end desk job when the death of his newspaper’s Olympic correspondent presents the chance of a lifetime. He soons finds himself winging his way to the Atlanta games having already informed his boss he won’t be coming back and encounters the stifling heat and disorganisation of possibly the worst Olympics ever staged.

Having survived the Deep South and now freed from responsibility, Dingo embarks on his own globetrotting Olympiad - battling overweight passengers on Greyhound buses, maniac tuk-tuk drivers in Thailand and the finest cuisine a Fijian village can offer before heading to the Sydney games where he finds himself much older and wiser for his Atlanta experience.

A travel book like no other, Chasing The Flame is the hilarious true story of one man’s journey of self-discovery.

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