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ISBN: 190174664X - 9781901746648

"It was to be the trip of a lifetime.
Yet what lay in store would change them forever."

Friendship, hedonism and wanderlust compel Mancunians Conrad, Rob, Will and Paul to visit
the US at a confusing time.

With the Iraq war petering out and the prospect of a recession
about to break their trip culminates in the dark heart of New Mexico where primeval
traditions and internecine disuptes rage on.

Their sanitised view of American culture: poker, hot dogs and skyscrapers - is replaced with
horrific ancient rituals and the kidnap of one of their number.

To save him the others must win big in Vegas...


Brendan Yates is a winner of the Sir David Melville award for achievements in Media Studies and a graduate of the University Of Salford.

He has worked in Newspapers, Magazines, Publishing and Broadcasting for the BBC and ITV.
His first book, Out Of The Void - The Primal Scream Story was published to acclaim in 2003.

He has made several visits to many parts of America and currently lives in Manchester.

The Devil’s Dust is his first novel.

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